Our Story





Providing you with high quality fuel

allowing you to function optimally without deprivation.

A favourite time in childhood was being given the bowl and spoon to lick after mum had been baking. With both my parents being chefs, I grew up in the kitchen, often a very busy and demanding environment. I loved the creativity and transformation of fresh produce into dynamic and delicious dishes.

I started my career in hair and makeup. With 16 successful years working in television, with celebrities and international travel, I decided to pursue my other passion, food.


My own journey of health transformation began in my early twenties, food for me was a pleasure. My interest in wellbeing sparked a change in my choices, gradually switching to organic and plant based, followed by the discovery of raw food.


With a focus on energising rather than depriving, I wanted to create a brand that serves you in health, yet is still totally delicious and accessible. A way for people to incorporate raw food into their lives without feeling deprived or on a diet.


Eating raw is hugely beneficial to your body. The food essentially being alive will make you feel ‘ALIVE’ too. I believe what you get out of your body is a direct result of what goes in.




Best in health and freedom,